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Mission-Directed Work Teams

World-class competitiveness is the result of an organisation’s ability to provide quality products or services, faster and more cost effectively than competitors.

The Mission-Directed Work Teams programme is designed to translate these key strategies and principles into meaningful practices that can be implemented throughout an organisation.

The programme is line-driven and provides leaders and their teams with skills to benchmark themselves against recognised world-best practices thereby identifying and exploiting opportunities for improvement.

The Programme

The programme transforms the front-line of an organisation into a productive, participative environment, thereby providing a sense of purpose for people in their place of work. This is achieved by first introducing management to the programme in order to ensure that a supportive environment exists in the organisation. Management has a critical role to play both as coach and as master coach.


Team Leader Training

This is followed by team leader training in the tools and techniques needed to transform the workplace. The team leader is the leader of a “mini-business”, it is here where the success of a workplace transformation initiative is determined.

Competitive Dynamics